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Get in touch with us. IFLS Corporate Services will answer all your questions. We are looking forward to hear from you. Contact us on skype, via Telephone, in person or online request form.

IFLS Corporate Services Ltd

Meeting Facilities - no sales!

Main Office Tower - Level 14
Financial Park Labuan Complex
87000 Labuan


Registered Office

IFLS Corporate Services LTD
Ajeltake Rd, Ajeltake Island

The Trust Complex

MH96960 Majuro

Marshall Islands


email: click here >>


Please visit us in our Served Office (non-execution and non-administration) in Labuan. Please remember IFLS is providing personal appointments only for existing customers so as any other offshore corporate service provider. Our highly competent advisors will provide you the information you really need in order to increase or accelerate or extend your businesses as a IFLS client. Notice: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may impact accessibility to our premises, as well the arrangements of personal meetings.

And what can we do for you?

We do not provide any given data to third parties. Therefore please complete all form fields. Our KYC policy requires those data to know you at least a bit better. Inquiries without tel number or email won't be answered. Many thanks.

contact banking licenses ifls corporate

Thank you very much for your request. Your information have been received. In the meantime please do not forget to add us on skype

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